How to build a shipping container home book

Everything you need to know in order to

plan, budget and build your own

Shipping Container Home

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What is involved in building a shipping container home?

What is the easiest way to build a container dwelling?

How about council applications?

Does your council allow you to build a container home/dwelling?

How much is it going to cost?

All these questions and more are answered in the ‘How to build your container home book’.


Container homes are the fastest growing type of housing in Australia,

Why? Because they are the best value for money and you are helping the environment.

How to build a Shipping container home

Hi Guys/Girls,

I’m John, I have had to remove my last name because I work for a company who sell manufactured container homes and I am “not allowed” to share this information, i say stuff that, house prices are ridiculously high and I like helping people get into their own homes with minimal debt.

I’m a qualified Australian builder and I started building shipping container homes back in 1998. I have built a wide variety of projects over the last 16 years, some of the projects I have built include –

  • Single Container Granny Flats,
  • Backyard Gyms and Workshops,
  • Farm/Bush Cabins,
  • Beach Houses,
  • Residential Houses in Melbourne, Brisbane and Rural Towns,
  • Mining Dongas, and
  • Even a Huge 32 Container House.

In my time, I have seen and experience just about everything you can with container home building and now it is time that I share my knowledge with Australia and the world.

You have probably already searched the Internet and found bits and pieces, some of it even looks useful, but please be careful taking advice from many of the YouTube video’s and blogs out there.  I have read and watched many of them and most are done in dangerous ways or the end product will not comply with Australian standards.

If you are not from Australia, you will also benefit from this book as Australia has very high standards and therefore you will be building a very safe and strong home.

This is what people who have bought the book have to say about it.

We have been contemplating whether a container home would be right for us for a couple of years now, this book has given us the confidence to know exactly what needs to be done and how much our container home is going to cost. Thank you so much.

Stephen Johanson

I bought your book 11 months ago and bought 4 x 40ft containers a month later, within 6 weeks I had a liveable home.  I did all of the construction myself and I would not have been able to do it without your container home bible… I mean book.

Luke Richstein

We have read, researched and built a variety of our own container homes, but by far the best information we have on building shipping container homes is in this book. Thank you for your candid approach and thank you for helping Australians own their own homes. Team

How to build a shipping container home

Everything you need to know in order to

plan, budget and build your own

Shipping Container Home

Was $97

Sale Price $47

Download Now

Australia is leading the way in converting shipping containers into homes

  • Australia 39%
  • New Zealand 24%
  • United States 16%
  • Rest of the world 32%

I noticed about 7 years ago the number of people interested in shipping container homes started to rise, since then it has become extremely popular. This is because everyone is realizing the huge benefits:

  • Affordability. Building a shipping container home is very cost effective. Compared with all all other types of housing, shipping container homes are the best value and cheapest.

  • Green. Using one or multiple shipping containers to build with is an excellent way to save them from becoming waste.

  • Strong. ISO shipping containers are built extremely strong and when you know the few weak points and how to manage them they stay strong.

  • Design. They can be very stylish and you can modify and join them in ways which are very difficult with traditional building materials.

  • Time. From the time you order the raw containers to the time it is ready to live in can be as little as 1 month.

  • Alternative. Although more people are building with shipping containers there are so many variations that it will be a long time before you see another home like yours.

Now is the time for me to help bring your dreams to reality, whether you are wanting to build now or just tossing ideas around, I guarantee this book will be very useful to you.